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Mold remediation addresses the inspection, Containment, clean-up, and prevention of mold growth. Elimination of all mold and mold spores indoors is almost impossible, but controlling indoor moisture will control the growth of mold. Essential to all mold remediation is identifying and treating the underlying problem before the mold problem can be addressed. Chicagoland Mold Doctors is equipped to provide all necessary services to address and prevent these mold problems. As a leader in  Chicago Mold Removal, CMD uses only EPA-registered biocides to treat mold

Inspection: All our experienced staff members have extensive training and personally oversee all aspects of each job. We provide a comprehensive estimate to remediate and restore any effected areas. Are main objective is to find the “source” of the problem to prevent and educate the client before moving forward.

Containment: It is our policy to prevent the expansion of mold spores before work is to begin; this action will keep harmful mold spores under control or within limits. An air scrubber will be installed to filter the air and will remain in operation for the duration of the remediation process.

Clean-up and Treatment: The thorough cleaning and treating of all mold affected surfaces with an EPA approved biocide (Shockwave) containing both an anti- microbial solution and fungicide; following hepa vacuuming of the treated surfaces to clean and treat the mold problem.

Chicago Mold Prevention: We use Zinsser’s Perma White, which contains a mold inhibitor and provides a 5 year warranty. You can also upgrade to Fiberlock’s After Shock which contains both a mold inhibitor and a fungicide to kill any residual mold and provides a 10 year warranty. Both will enhance and protect moisture-prone areas in your home or business.

Our Guarantee: We guarantee that your space of mold contamination will pass a mold test within 48 hours of us completing the job. We do not test for mold but do recommend using a Board Certified Industrial Hygienist; we have two we would recommend.

Mold can make your home miserable to live in and impossible to sell. Don’t risk your family’s health and your home’s resale value on unqualified contractors or do-it-yourself remedies.

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